About Us

Amazing Educational Consultancy is a student-oriented organization, which is not only responsible for the matters like study abroad but also committed to appropriately advising and counseling the students who are looking for better higher education and for richer career development. This agency is officially authorized by the Government of Nepal to do these services for the benefit of the students who desire for higher education overseas.

We, as an organization to help students get the universities of their choice, keeping in mind the overall academic, financial and other appropriate considerations, are proud to have been entrusted to the services of Nepalese students. We are extremely proud to state that our services, particularly at a time when we in Nepal are very much pressed by the demands of students wishing to study abroad, are getting success. From all that we have gathered so far, we have come to realize that you have a very good institution of higher education, highly favored by the international students, particularly from the nations of our Asian region.

Thus we have all the nicest reasons to assume your college to be one of the esteemed colleges with the great qualities in the academic sector, its departments and the overall academic environment that your university has been providing to all those international students, with the affordable means. On the other hand, this organization has been increasingly effortful to operate orientation seminars for making aware the aspiring students to study abroad, conducting interviews, preparing them for TOEFL /IELTS/SAT/ACT/GMAT/GRE and making them familiar with the international rules and regulations for the student visa and vice versa.