Study In Australia


Study in Australia

Australia is a dynamic and vibrant country with a great deal to offer international students. Choosing to come to Australia to study will provide you with new and wonderful opportunities and experiences, and a whole new view of the world, not to mention exciting and progressive world-class education programs. The main benefits of a student at Titanic Education Center are multiple options of various subjects within various territories in Australia. After the changes made in Australian visa processing i.e., introduction of assessment level and educational loan, there has been a massive change in the number of visas for Nepalese students. This number is now steadily increasing. The education loan has made easy access to Australia for Nepalese Students. Since then, more students are getting into Australia year by year. This has also created a greater whim among our society with the notion that Australia is now a students’ first choice for abroad study as well as their future career. Along with the changes in VISA processing, there are a number of other changes Australian government brought into effect, and is now considering stricter implementation of all those. Few such changes are below:

  • SVP (Stream Line Visa Processing)
  • GTE Assessment (Genuine Temporary Entrant)
  • PSW (Post Study Work) period
  • VISA Application Charge for Dependent

Important Reasons that attract International students to Australia:-

  • Unique and wonderful flora and fauna.
  • Good weather.
  • Amazing and diverse landscapes and scenery.
  • Vibrant, appealing and multicultural cities.
  • Cheaper study and living expenses compared to many other countries.
  • A relaxed, enjoyable and safe lifestyle.
  • Dynamic and progressive education programs with a reputation for excellence.
  • Globally recognized courses and qualifications.

Documents required for Admissions

recent passport-size photographs for each applicant
Application Forms
All original education documents including all mark sheets for Degrees
IELTS test results
Changes to the student visa regulations require varying evidence of funds dependent on the subclass of student visa applied for. Applicants should show funds and (income that support these funds) enough to cover, course fee, and living costs in Australia (AUD 18,610 pa) as well as amounts covering other family members. For details relating to the specific financial evidentiary requirements for each subclass
Affidavit of support from the person providing financial support
For applicants below 18 years of age, details of arranged guardianship in Australia plus an affidavit from the student’s parents agreeing to the guardianship arrangement
Bank statement from the person(s) providing support outlining transactions for the past 6 months or Bank Educational Loan
Relationship Certificate
Income Sources
Property Valuation
CA Report
All document English Translation if in Nepali.
Visa Application Charge; Embassy : IC 30500 & VFS Charge : NC 3210